Prevention? Stains? Spills? Oh My!

Fiber-Seal is what I recommend to all my clients,

When buying a piece of furniture that you love, the #1 thing to keep in mind, it won’t always look new. Unless you take the initiative steps to help seal and prevent stains. Also, what happens when stains that won’t come off of your leathers and fabrics? Professional help is needed.

#1 source for fabric protection, fabric treatment, upholstery cleaning, furniture cleaning and much more across the United States.

Services Offered With the Fiber-Seal Fabric Care System!

  • Application of protective polymers by trained and certified professionals to floor coverings and above the-floor furnishings with a one year service commitment including:Professional on-site spotting assistance for difficult situations & fabric care kit with free refills throughout the year.
  • Pick-up and delivery with cleaning and protection of rugs.
  • Cleaning of all fine furnishings as well as wall to wall carpeting where special cleaning methods are employed for optimum cleaning.
  • Leather cleaning and conditioning including dressed, naked and suede leathers.
  • Prestige Plan, a custom maintenance program designed with regular scheduled follow-up care.


Reach out for an individual quote on services you need provided, contact Kimberly Barrow, 214-784-0178  or email in the Dallas office and let her know that I referred you!

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