Ugly Windows

Melody Jurick Designs recently completed a gorgeous Master Bedroom Suite.  This room had a major challenge to work with which was ugly windows. Oh the windows!  The windows were not proportionate to the room and oddly placed. As you can see in the before picture below, the windows are too small for the space and not placed in ideal locations.

The room has so many great structural qualities, the archway, coffered ceilings, plantation shutters, and the rich wood flooring!  To transform the room it was important to minimize the windows.  Bad structural issues are things that many face when transforming a space.  Below are some design tips for overcoming ugly windows.

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5 Steps to Minimize Ugly Windows

  1. Make the wall a focal point by using paint colors or wallpapers to draw the eye away from the windows.
  2. Make the windows look more proportionate to the space with drapes. Select a color that compliments the wall treatments.  Make sure to have thicker material in drapes, so that the window does not show through, which would make them stand out even more. Selecting decorative hardware will add that designer touch.
  3. When choosing shutter colors, white is not always the best option. Complimentary colors can go a long way in disguising structural flaws.
  4. Space planning and selecting the right furniture is key to creating visual balance. Accessories can be used to create scale, lighting depth, and create added personality.
  5. Consult with a professional interior designer in your area! An interior designer will help you overcome your obstacles with amazing solutions and a design plan.
interior design, ugly windows, window treatments

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Photo credit for after photo and slideshow: DM Photography

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