New Client Questionnaire

After we’ve made the decision to work together, please complete our New Client Questionnaire.

What to Expect

We at Melody Jurick Designs, LLC will always, in good faith, do our best to make the interior design process enjoyable and stress free that we can within our control.  We prefer the set the expectations in advance and educate our clients on just how much goes into a successful process.  Below are some terms and items that we could possibly experience:

  • Discontinued Items – Although we check stock at the time of presentation, there will be times when we are notified upon order placement that items are discontinued.  It is disappointing.  We will work diligently to find a solution or replacement.
  • Back-ordered Items – Completely out of our control, we are at the mercy of the computer systems of our vendors.  We usually are given an estimated ship date and they are not always accurate.  If the estimated ship date is beyond our target completion date, a reselection may be in order.
  • Lead Time – It almost always takes longer than the lead time, but we will do everything within our control to expedite all products for installation.
  • Updates – We will keep you up-to-date on the status of the items for your project.  We are only as good as the info that the vendors and factories and workrooms share with us.  We prefer honest updates versus just telling you what will make you happy.  It might not be good news and we will deal with those situations when they arise.  Communication is key.
  • Deposits or Cash Before Delivery (CBD) – We require a deposit of 100% on Custom Products because many vendors require 100% before they will ship.  Other items may require a smaller deposit and all of this will be spelled out in our agreement.
  • Custom Orders – Custom orders are non-cancellable and non-returnable to the vendor once a commitment is made; we own it.
  • Restocking or Cancellation Fees – Sometimes a vendor will allow a non-custom item to be cancelled if it has not shipped.  If there is a cancellation fee, it will be the client responsibility to pay.  Some items may be returned after being shipped and are typically charged a 10-60% restocking fee plus return freight which will also be the client’s responsibility.
  • Communication – Most of the time, we discuss emergencies together, however, if the client is not available, the designer will make an informed decision based on all current available information.
  • Deadlines – Upon final agreement of all approved items, we will set a target installation date or a deadline.  Holidays or parties are not a deadline and they do not make furniture ship faster or workrooms to sew faster.    They can add stress to the process.  Our commitment is to work hard to delight you by the deadline.
  • Dye Lots – We order cuttings of fabric for approval on custom products and window coverings.  We do this to ensure color coordination and cohesiveness in the scheme.  It adds a little time, but can avoid costly mistakes later.  We recommend that if projects are being done in stages where the same fabric is to be used, that we order the cut yardage at the same time as the initial project.  Fabrication can be done later.  Since the industry tolerance level is 16%, it may not match if it is ordered later.
  • Leather – Leather is again a natural product and it comes in many finishes.  Understanding the care and marring properties of your leather is critical.  The most expensive leathers are not treated and do show oil from your body, marks, etc. as it ages and creates its patina.
  • Upholstery Care – Upholstered items such as sofas and chairs do require a certain amount a care for cleaning and to improve wear and tear.  Depending on cushion type, some cushions must be turned or fluffed regularly.  We will explain all of this at the time of selection and then we will provide you with a care guide and then it is the client’s responsibility over time.
  • Carpet and Flooring – Carpet requires care and cleaning.  Stain resistant properties in carpet do not mean that it won’t get dirty.  It means that they will release those stains easier when cleaned.  Wood flooring and natural flooring products will also require care and cleaning, and you will be given a care guide for these as well.
  • Freight Damage – Products might be damaged in transit.  The vendors usually resolve the damage in the form of discounts, local repair or return and reship of the item.  The vendor typically makes this call and we will add input based on our communication with you for a desired outcome.
  • Freight Charges – Delivery from the manufacturer’s facility to our receiving warehouse.  These charges can vary and typically range between 10-20% which is why we estimate 15%.  As fuel costs vary, the rate and any surcharges will also vary.
  • Perfection – Nothing is perfect especially artistic finishes, natural stone or wood products, etc.  We will use our experience and our eye for details to ensure that we do get as close as we can.
  • Delivery & Installation Charges – Delivery charges are incurred from our receiving warehouse to your project site.  This charge is calculated on number of men needed, number of items and distance and will vary.  Storage fees apply to items that have to be warehoused longer than 2 weeks which is why we try to schedule everything to come in within that window, thus reducing charges.
  • Installation – The big day has arrived and we work to make the process run smoothly by coordinating all personnel and installers involved. So that the process runs smoothly it would be best if children and pets are not in the area that is being installed. Clients are always welcome but, we at Melody Jurick Designs, LLC love the surprise on the final reveal. The designer will be present and will ensure that all items are executed per the original design plan.
  • Photographs – I need to be able to photograph the project during and after its completion for portfolio purposes.  I hire professional photographers to capture the finished project at its’ best, and any work I do is my photographic property. These photographs are for portfolio purposes only, and are used on my website, Houzz, and my Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as any marketing materials I choose to use.
  • Inspection of Items – All items, including furniture and flooring, must be inspected within 7 days of installation/delivery.  After this point, Melody Jurick Designs, LLC will not be responsible for damage.
  • Custom Order Rugs – Due the hand-made nature of many of Dallas Rugs’ goods, Buyer understands that the sizes may be slightly irregular, colors and texture may vary and there may be some design inconsistency. All rugs are either provided “as is” and without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, to the fullest extent permissible pursuant to applicable law, and Melody Jurick Designs, LLC disclaims all warranties of merchant ability and fitness for a particular purpose or arising by statute, law, course of dealing, and makes no representations or warranties as to kind, quality, or character.